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On December and January we have 50% off for the next therapies:

  • Relaxing Massage
  • Swedish Massage
  • Shiatsu
  • Reiki
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Tarot Readings

All of the above therapies are 50% off, no matter the duration of the session or the extras you want to add.



If you are interested into spiritual energy therapy, try one with the Reiki Grand Master Tudor Maximilian! You can have a session of Reiki  level II, Reiki Master level, Elemental Reiki or Reiki Grand Master level, and you may add to the sessions: crystal therapy. hypnotherapy, shiatsu, relaxing massage and therapeutic massage.

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If you need to quit smoking and lose stress, anxiety or fear, or improve any mental faculty such as concentration, determination, courage, attention, leadership or communication abilities, then we recommend you the new revolutionary Progressive Hypnotherapy, which can be combined with Reiki and crystal therapy to empower the session. The sessions have the effect of coaching, hypnotherapy, meditation and yoga in the same time! It will help you achieve your life goals and make you a mas impressive, happy and joyful person!  You can also try a Classical, Regressive or Ericksonian Hypnotherapy session.

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Massage and Shiatsu

If you want a massage, you can have a session of therapeutic massage, relaxing massage or shiatsu, and we can also add Reiki or hypnotherapy to make you connect better with tranquility, serenity and blissful peace!

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Egyptian Tarot

If you want to know your possible future and get advice and guidance, for any concern, financial, love, professional, health, friendship, family, spiritual journey etc, then you should have an Egyptian Tarot session with Agatha Archer, a natural psychic!

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